Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why do they care?

Winnie turned 4 months old 2 weeks ago and I did a silent yippee as we have made it this far drama free in the breastfeeding arena.  I hope to breastfeed until she self weans and even though we are not even at the 6 month mark I am already starting to get the, 'so…how long do you intend to breastfeed?’ questions.  I’ve faithfully responded each time, ‘until she weans’, which in turn seems to illicit moments of silence that are awkward and a faint sense of trepidation (on the part of the inquirer).

I don’t understand why anyone cares…

Is it completely off for me to say that the older she gets the more I enjoy it?  All the sweet mannerisms babies display at that age and the bonding it offers become even more intensified.

I know she will be cutting her 1st tooth and then the next and then the next but instead of the discouraging, ‘you won’t be saying that once she has teeth’ response which has been the most common reaction to breastfeeding beyond teething is it too much to ask for some positivity?
Why must we send so many negative messages to nursing mothers who are already doing something so basic, so natural and unwieldy (at times given all the demands etc. our current society presents)?

If the eyebrows are raised in wonder at 4 months what hope is there at 8 months? 
God willing we make it that far.

I guess I’ll steel myself for the onslaught of questions surely coming our way…until then I remain contentedly ensconced with my sweet petunia.

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