Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello…My name is Lisa and I’m a fluffaholic.

I entered the world of cloth diapers a novice and eager fool, struggling with all the sites, sources, choices and complicated washing instructions.  And then once I got it, I ran with that knowledge like a flock of gulls on speed into action.  Alas, I am now a recovering fluffaholic.
I recognize that I have a heightened level of excitement for diaper changes that does not seem to be the norm.  At the sound or sense of each new err…output, I did and continue to hop up eager to “check” and break out the onslaught of cloth wipes, spray bottle and a new fresh diaper. 
I admit I consider reading the chatter over at Diaper Swappers' cloth diaper forum a good read.  There was also a point when I thought a quiet evening in consisted of sitting nestled in bed propped in front of my lap top ‘browsing’ the various fluff on sale a Nicki’s Diapers and other sites. 
I’ve learned to restrain my excitement when asked about our cloth routine, its genuine rush of you can do this too, it’s SO easy speech that erupts as soon as I’m asked.
It occurred to me that perhaps I had earned a seat at Cloth Diaper Anonymous when I heard myself say that I was almost sad I would have a limited time to diaper Winnie before she potty trained, I was enjoying it that much.  I can’t recall who was the recipient of that bizarre admission but I’ve since learned to embrace both the moment and change.  I love cloth diapering my little one but I cherish her ability to grow even if it makes me sad to know she will only be so little for so little a time.
So never mind that I do not own a conventional washer and dryer, our home is equipped with a portable washer that I roll up to the sink and mini dryer but never the less I stay committed to the declaration that doing the diaper laundry is an enjoyable meditative outlet. 
In the words of my sister who holds her weekly pasta ritual as a dear treat to self for the end of an exhausting week, alas the same is true for me when it comes to our cloth routine…I really need this.

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