The Pink Bucket List

I like lists, making them puts me at ease and feels meditative. Lists help me sort though my mind, my life, serve as a stress reliever, a reminder, a goal post, break down what may seem at first too much and as someone who is and always has been a chronic daydreamer, list offer another outlet for the I'd like to do that thought trail.

I've got a bucket list too but then once Winter came I was thinking, there's a lot I'd like to do with her before she flies the nest so much so that I'm going to separate it into its own list, the pink bucket list.

Will take awhile to unload all the things I'd like to throw in it but here's what I'd like to experience with her, in no particular order...

I'd like to tackle this list because a lot that I want to do is already on it: 101 Things To Do With Your Toddler

Visit the Eric Carle Museum

Visit Green Gables in Prince Edward Island

Help her put together her own homemade art showing a la Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist 

Take a heritage trip to Africa, Italy and Puerto Rico

I'm determined to recreate that incredible indoor tent the girls had in the movie The Holiday

Spend one summer on a house boat

Do a farm stay

Return to Niagara Falls

See The Lion King on Broadway

Visit MLK memorial in Washington D.C.