Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cloth baby wipes...why not?

Cloth wipes can be just as convenient as any disposable baby wipe.  You can add these soft wipes to your stash by simply cutting up old receiving blankets, using a stack of baby washcloths or buying them from a WAHM shop (work at home mom) or sewing boutique ( and the various shops at Hyena Cart are great resources for cute wipes) and several of the brand name cloth diaper makers also have wipes in their accessories section.  As with cloth diapering, wipes can be as spartan or elaborate as you want your stash to be.  If you cloth diaper you throw the whole lot into your pail once you finish a change otherwise just add them to your regular laundry.

We use cloth wipes 24/7 at home, daycare, grandmama and grandpapa's house, in our diaper bag, for trips etc.  In later posts I can share the simple ways we store them depending on the purpose etc.

Here is a peek at a few of the wipes from our own stash:

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