Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To stroll...or not to stroll...

When I was first presented with the idea that I need to spend $1000 on a stroller, I thought my wife and everyone on-line was insane. This is one occasion when I was absolutely correct. I am a physician/surgeon and I needed to read the manual three times to assemble the device, 2 times to figure out how to collapse and unfold the stroller, and another time to figure out how to change from stroller to bassinet and back. After our first trip through the airport (5 months into ownership), the stroller was done. I pump up the tires once/week and have changed the inner tubes to the tires three times in 2 years. All of the foam coverings are either torn, or torn off completely from simple everyday use. We have changed the fabric once due to severe fading in the weather. By the way, none of these are warranty items (I checked). But they are readily available for purchase from your vendor! The stroller was used for daily trips to the park and has been on 2 trips through the airport total.
We now use our stroller from Toys R US, which cost $19.99, for trips to Grandma's or trips through the airport. If something happens to it, I can buy at least 40 more for the price of the bugaboo (sometimes the bugaboo is on sale). But I think that's unlikely since I have had it now for over 1 year and it still works fine. Collapses in 2 seconds with no manuals or instruction!
I came across this charming review by “Simon” regarding his unfortunate experience with a designer stroller and it is a gasp of evidence as to the depths one can go in the baby product and pram world, I shall tread lightly here...
To each her own but in our house the answer was and continues to be simple when asked repeatedly about the stroller purchase (or lack thereof):

We simply don't have one at this time.
Is she serious?  I know you're thinking it and that's OK, remember to each her own.
Welcome to the world of the Continuum Concept as best as I'm able to execute it in a modern world as a work out of home single mom. 

(cue Hitchcock music...)

To be continued...

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