Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know you're wondering...

What is that thing on the side of your toilet?  It's a diaper sprayer and I want to spotlight this as a luxury item that can be useful for those who cloth diaper.

Oddly enough I have yet to actually use mine for cloth diapering purposes but if you have a badly soiled diaper instead of the age old act of swishing the diaper in the toilet to rinse it you simply pull up the lever (this adjusts the pressure from low to high) that you see near the seat, remove your sprayer and hose the soiled matter (carefully...) away to your heart’s content. You can then put the diaper into your pail or washer or if you need this extra step, you can spray a stain fighter such as Bac-out then drop into your pail or launder.

I went ahead and purchased one for our cloth diaper arsenal so that we could fly out of the starting gates with the best in our defense.  Alas, in this house, it has so far not been needed.  Primarily because Winnie is exclusively on breast milk which is water soluble and as of now I've had no issues with smelly diaper pails or diaper laundry drama (diapers smelling b/c of detergent build-up etc).  Even though I'm not using it for my diapers I do use it as a way to turn my toilet into a utility sink so now I'm able to rinse out the cat litter box after it's emptied and then scrubbed, I also use it to rinse the tub and shower down or to fill pails when doing the floors etc.

So again, this is a luxury item, but one available to make things easier when diapering our little ones in all the cute cotton fluff!

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