Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peas please?

For such a huge milestone its incredible how little guidance in starting solids there seems to be beyond "begin rice cereal". I suppose if you are buying store bought baby food there is a greater chance at feeling a sense of direction in how to begin because it's labeled by stages etc.

I've chosen to make my own baby food and so far at the end of week one I found applesauce, sweet potatoes and banana were GREAT first foods because they blend smoothly and easily.

Our nemesis at the moment is peas. Such a shame because they are in season at the farmer's market but after 2 batches I admit it just doesn't seem to be coming out fully pureed no matter what. Batch 1: I pulled out everything I had in the arsenal, steaming, blending, food mill, straining, boiling all of it still left me with a lumpy mess I wouldn't serve without my hand hovered over the mobile ready to dial 911 upon entry. But tonight we are closer; I steamed, then blended with water and went ahead and froze the puree that resulted however pausing to serve it because it still had a few soft partial peas throughout.

I just don't get it.

Or maybe I do and just don't realize that's good as it gets.

Thank goodness for 2 very helpful resources:

The Starting Solids forum at Diaper Swappers and a site called Wholesome Baby Foods.

Of course asking friends, family, and other moms etc. will help. I also think it’s interesting how much culture affects this important milestone too and in having a few conversations with moms recently about what they served first etc. it was incredible the range of answers I received. Every one of them were what they felt were right for their baby so I guess with this it’s like everything on this journey. Find your groove and find what's best for you and yours.

So about those the 3rd try the charm? To be continued...

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