Sunday, April 10, 2011

On my honor, I will try...

to avoid plastic! Plastic is scary and the more I see the result of where it ends up once we throw it out I become more afraid at the idea of contributing to the madness. Every time I'm at a store and I see the sales clerk snapping open a fresh plastic bag I feel a momentary wave of please stooooooop bubbling to my lips before I manage to say as nicely as possible that I will just carry whatever it is we are getting.

Our home is certainly not plastic free, it’s hard to avoid it 100% so what I advocate for is not extremity but mindful use. I admit, I did breakdown and get Winter a plastic key ring set, her own personal set of keys since she seemed so very interested in the brightly colored ones dangling from her rocker.

For example, we do have a few toys with plastic components that I got at a consignment shop in Brooklyn before she was born. We also receive gifts that may have or be plastic and lastly we do have a newborn/toddler rocker which has plastic components but I am making a vow from this point onwards especially as we are in the toy stage to not personally purchase any plastic toys. Wood ones are more expensive I see but there are some plush options and other handmade toys I've seen out of cloth etc. on Etsy. I'm also taking Winnie's cues, right now she happily engaged with a big wad of paper. Never mind that I need it for my school work as reference the point is I do see how basic household items that we already have are and can be objects of affection.

I admit I'm struggling with the high chair situation but realizing the best option would be to find one 2nd hand or get something in one if new is really what's wanted.

Reuse recycle reduce! That's our mantra that and sometimes less is more although sometimes more is more but we'll cross that bridge at a later point?

So as I start creating my daughter's new bed/playroom in our tiny suite it will be these motivations in mind. I've been trawling the backlogs of looking at all the adorable vintage sweet playrooms and bedroom spaces that use something old, something new and put it all together in a tiny space to create a kid friendly place that's warm and inviting.

Wish me luck!

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