Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eco tip: reuseable nursing pads

I got into the habit of using our cloth baby wipes for nursing pads as an emergency stash then it became my daily choice.  The 1st 3 months I would need to change 2-3 times in a 24 hour period so you can see how quickly you can blow through a box of disposables even if you are just using 1 pair a day.

My absolute favorite reusable nursing pads are the Danish wool pads by Lanacare.  They are pricey but the pads are so soft and incredibly absorbent.  Where I tripped up is that as a heavy leaker I often fell behind in the upkeep, I had two pairs and the recommend 2-3 pairs, I could not keep up the hand washing required to maintain them.  Wool pads do not have to be washed daily, you wash them when they start to feel stiff which can be several days or more for some women.  I tried another pad that was non wool and while OK it was the wipes from our cloth stash that have proven to be long lasting and the best. What I do is fold the square wipe into a triangle and then a 2nd time then stick that into my bra.  I bring extra wipes in my pump bag and they are great as an extra pad, clean-up item or sometimes I put a wipe on my lap to protect my clothes at work.

Here's a pic showing how I fold them for nursing wipes: 

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